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The Challenges and Triumphs of a Military Wife and Caregiver Life

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

As the caretaker and spouse of a medically retired military veteran, I have firsthand awareness of some of the adversities that compare these two differentiating roles. After my husband Jed suffered life-threatening injuries during his second deployment abroad, our lives were permanently altered forever. Overnight, I went from a new wife of several months to a full-time military veteran caretaker. The life of a military spouse, and that of a caretaker - is certainly not for the faint of heart. The responsibilities and commitment necessary require immense fortitude, patience, and surrender. Yet, these titles also come with satisfying and valuable revelations.

After receiving the initial call informing me of his critical condition, processing the emotional turmoil I was experiencing felt inconceivable. I envisioned his predicament, then what adjusting to and overcoming the crisis would entail moving forward. Apprehension about the unprecedented predicament brought with it overwhelming and inescapable dread. Adapting to and undertaking the assignment, also became imperative for acceptance.

More significantly, depending on my faith in Christ and trusting His sovereignty despite the devastation was vital. As a disciple of Christ, hope was found in the knowledge and conviction that not only was God right alongside with every stride, He was actually allowing and ordaining every obstacle for His glory and our furthered sanctification. Spending time in Scripture, abiding in prayer and continuing fellowship with like-minded believers aided in strengthening that relationship, which was wavering severely at the time. The compassionate understanding and faithfulness of God, our family as well as friends, brought even further resolve during the most unimaginable points on the recovery journey.

As previously mentioned, another crucial ingredient to military life and caregiving is the importance of a substantial support system. Joining a support group for military spouses is of such benefit and value. Vulnerability to offers of emotional and practical assistance, will not only be enriching but also advantageous both to the contributor as well as receiver.

What may appear as desertion, in reality, is a distinguished and extraordinary destiny waiting to unfold. With God, there is always hope for brighter days ahead!

Love and hugs!

~ Anna Morgan


My hope with this blog is to produce a space for any and all families - especially those serving our nation's armed forces to receive hope, support, and encouragement.

May these words provide a bit of that for you today!

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