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Anna's Recent Project

"Valley of the Shadow" details the harrowing events surrounding Anna Morgan’s husband and Marine Corps veteran Jedidiah Morgan. She tells the story of the injuries he suffered after combat abroad and the resulting effect it had on their lives, as well as her roles as his wife and newfound caretaker. Set in two separate infirmaries and concluding with their relocation to the Pacific Northwest, this tale recounts the many challenges endured and what they both gained from the tragedy.

Valley of the Shadow

During a deployment to Afghanistan in the year 2012, an explosion altered the course of Jedidiah’s life forever.  He lost two limbs, suffered a traumatic brain injury, and experienced extensive trauma throughout his body. Anna struggled with their predicament and her new caregiving role. The crisis shattered any hope of returning to the life they had previously envisioned....


The Burial

This manuscript is set as an allegorical tale that carries readers on a journey of despair, hope and rebirth despite what appear to be hopeless circumstances....


To be Announced...

A third manuscript unlike any previous works, even down to the genre. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new venture! 


Pointing readers back to their hope in the Gospel!

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