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5 Tips To Help Navigate Trying Times

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Oftentimes, we just need a bit of guidance and encouragement to help navigate a challenging time we think we can’t endure.

As someone who has journeyed through many difficulties with my spouse, I can attest to the effectiveness of implementing strategies like these. Perspective is everything, and shifting your mindset is absolutely essential to taking those first steps while climbing up and out of the dark seasons in our life.

May these tips, along with God’s guidance help you successfully walk through those moments you face with hope and determination.

Here are my 5 tips to help navigate trying times:

1. Focus on What You Can Control

Begin writing a list of the things you have control over in your situation and divert all of your focus toward those. Anything not mentioned receives no attention.

When you begin focusing on the things you have the power to change, you are better equipped and more able to navigate the struggles to formulate effective plans of action moving forward.

2. Engage in Solitude

Making space to prioritize time alone is also vital even in seasons of peace. Though most necessary during seasons of grief, loss, or depression. Cultivate time for processing, adjusting, and reconnecting with God. When the overwhelming and anxious feelings begin to feel crushing or we start to feel lost, taking that time to collect the racing thoughts, stop repressing our emotions, and process through allows real healing to take place.

3. Lean on Your Support System

Though withdrawing occasionally is important, isolation isn’t always the right option. Be sure you aren’t unintentionally alienating your support system. Their help is absolutely indispensable, especially as you trudge through hardships. Surrounding yourself with others who can empathize and encourage you on your journey is a key step in the right direction. Find those trusted people who are honest, available and aren’t afraid to tell you what you may not always want to hear.

4. Practice Kindness

Practice kindness not only towards others but especially with yourself. Forgive what you cannot forget, don’t allow the pain to define you and move forward in faith towards your hopeful future in Christ. Reconstruct your negative internal narrative and begin speaking truth over your situation. Then notice how quickly your circumstance suddenly becomes less insurmountable.

5. Trials are Not Without Purpose

Always remember; our trials and tribulations are not without purpose!

The pain, loss and sacrifice we endure today are not without hope for our tomorrows.

Allow God through the struggles, to shape indescribable joy in you despite all circumstances. While you focus on what you’re able, make time to get away, lean on those you love most, practice unconditional care and recall the possibilities in His purposes.

Love and hugs!

~ Anna Morgan


My hope with this blog is to produce a space for any and all families, especially those serving our nation's armed forces to receive hope, support, and encouragement.

May these words provide a bit of that for you today!

Feel free to join my community of support!

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