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5 Essentials For the Life of a New Military Wife

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The life of a military spouse can be both an exciting and challenging experience! Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for ages, some things are the same regardless. Below I share five ideas to aid new military wives. May you find this information beneficial to navigate life successfully alongside your service member.

1. Communication is Key

Lengthy periods of separation from your spouse are inevitable in this unique military lifestyle. In order to maintain a strong and vibrant relationship during those points, communication will be not only beneficial but necessary. Create a plan to remain connected frequently, whether it be through letters, phone calls, video chats, or emails. In addition, never hesitate to seek your husband's support with any concerns you encounter during their absence.

2. Involvement in the Community

A tremendous way to not only make the most of your time as a military wife but also build lasting friendships, is to become involved in your community. Research local activities and events of interest to you and attend regularly. You’ll form additional connections, cultivate support and ensure camaraderie!

3. The Importance of Independence

Life in the armed services generally entails solitude, therefore independence is not only important but essential. Management of family finances and overseeing your spouse's household tasks or dealing with unexpected situations while depending solely on your individual capabilities, builds confidence and resilience. Additionally, if you haven’t already - consider pursuing personal interests better savored alone, acquiring a new skill, or establishing a positive pastime.

4. Maintaining Flexibility

Soldiers' lives are frequently unpredictable, with last-minute decisions from commanding officers and adjustments to plans that follow. Rapidly adapting and becoming flexible with change will be indispensable. As military wives this often involves preparation for short-notice moves, adjusting plans to fit your spouse's career objectives, and regularly compromising.

5. Prioritizing Your Health

In closing, for all the sacrifices military wives make, maintaining your health and well-being is paramount. Continue with adequate rest, foods that nourish your body, and an active lifestyle. Prioritize your needs, not only for your benefit but that of your spouse also. Serving from a place of abundance rather than depletion makes for thriving relationships!

Ultimately, depend on Christ no matter the circumstances and consider implementing these recommendations to ensure a flourishing military marriage.

Love and hugs!

~ Anna Morgan


My hope with this blog is to produce a space for any and all families - especially those serving our nation's armed forces to receive hope, support, and encouragement.

May these words provide a bit of that for you today!

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